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History buffs and lovers of fine architecture find that exploring the many intriguing museums of Northwest Connecticut brings America's past to life far more vividly than leafing through the pages of a history book.

You may choose to tour a fascinating variety of historic points of interest including the first law school in America, the only garden in the U.S. designed by famed designer, Gertrude Jekyll, the studios of famous performing artists such as Marian Anderson, Skitch Henderson and Charles Ives, and museums that house important historic and contemporary art collections. You can also explore museums of a different sort --- museums of antique machinery, railroads, and carousel horses, clocks, locks, cannons, tanks and more! Great for families and kids!

Northwest Connecticut has a rich heritage of cultural and performing arts. Being so close to New York has many advantages one of which is the quality of the performer that very often ends up living and working in Northwest Connecticut. The result is sheer magic. Whether it's a musical production, a symphony orchestra performance or a classic theatrical production, the performing arts in Northwest Connecticut are always enjoyable.

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