Touring by Car, Foot, Boat & Bike

About Attractions
Touring by Car, Foot, Boat, & Bike tells you how to discover the many delights of this thousand plus square mile area and how to explore it in just about any way you choose. We have created a series of Virtual Tours to choose from. Each tour is conveniently broken down into "legs" which you can explore, one at a time making it easy to choose a tour that is just right for you before you start your car or get out your hiking boots!

Touring by Car, offers self-guiding driving loops specially designed to offer motorists scenic, historic and cultural delights along the various routes. Approximate mileage and driving time is included making planning easy before setting out. Litchfield Hills is laced with miles of trails to explore. We have chosen to highlight some of the area's most intriguing hiking trails. Each hike offers a carefully chosen theme. Walking distances range from short excursions to longer and more strenuous hikes.

The boating section tells you about white water rapids and the very placid stretches of the famed Housatonic and Farmington rivers, about lively creeks that flow through verdant forests, and the best mirror like mountain lakes to paddle.

Cyclists from near and far come to pedal on the beautiful country roads of Litchfield Hills. We have chosen a series of our favorite circuits for you to choose from. Each loop offers a variety of beautiful scenery from village greens and farms to riverside rambles and sky reflecting lakes.

So click on a tour listed above and enjoy!