Locations: Southbury, Sandy Hook, Newtown, Woodbury, Bethlehem, Watertown, Middlebury, Roxbury, South Britain.

To Start: Tour Five begins in Southbury at the junction of I-84 at exit 16 and Rte. 188.

Start in Southbury at the jct. of I-84 exit 14 (I-84 west take a right at end of ramp; from I-84 east take a left at end of ramp and a left at light). At the light take a left on Main St. South*, bear right over bridge crossing I-84. At the first stop sign take a right on Fish Rock Rd. to Glen Rd. * to Sandy Hook. Take a right on Riverside Rd./ Church Hill Rd. to I-84 west to Exit 9 (Rte. 25/Newtown). At the end of the exit take a left on Rte. 25 south/6 east, at the next intersection continue on Rte. 25 south/6 east to Newtown. At the Rte. 25/6 split, continue on Rte. 25 south passing the jct. of Rte. 302 to your 5th left (Mile Hill Rd./Wasserman Way)* to I-84 East to exit 15 in Southbury. Take a left off the exit go under the I-84 overpass and continue on Rte. 67 north / Rte. 6 east; at the Rte. 6/67 split continue on Rte. 6 east to Woodbury to Rte. 61 north* to Bethlehem. At the jct. of Rte 61 and 132, take a right on Rte. 132 east. At the jct. of Rte. 132 and 63, take a right onto Rte. 63 south to Watertown. At the jct. of Rte. 63 and Rte. 64 in Middlebury * take a right on Rte. 64* west. At the jct., of Rte. 64 and 6, take a right on Rte 6 east (to shorten your trip, take a left on Rte. 6 west, follow for 3 mi. to I-84 where the loop began) to Rte. 317 to Roxbury. At the jct. of Rte. 317 and 67, take Rte. 67 south to Rte. 172 south to South Britain. Follow Rte. 172 to I-84 to exit 14 where this loop began. At the junction of Rte. 172 and Main St. South, take a left on Main St. South to the junction of Rte. 6 and I-84; take I-84 east to exit 16 where this loop began.